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Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

The restorative, deep cleansing 'New Skin' effect, fresh and radiant and the beauty of perfect skin.

Sensitive Tender Care Treatment

Gentle and thorough cleansing. This treatment reduces redness, soothes inflammation and leave the skin in an instant healthy glow.

HA Moisture Clarity Treatment

Uses hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to quench your skin and provide superior skin hydration, leaving skin dewy, supple and less fine lines.

Blemish Control Treatment

An oil-free treatment with 2% dioic acid, designed and formulated to minimise the appearance of acne and blemishes, thereby reducing breakouts, promotes faster healing and clearer complexion.

Vitamin C Firming & Lifting Treatment

Using a high potency antioxidant product with 8x environmental protection and anti-aging benefits. Combined with unique firming massage. Expect significant reduction in wrinkles, improved skin firmness and a brightened complexion after treatments.

Anti Reform-Anti-Glycation Treatment

A personalized anti-aging treatment. Pairing A.G.E Interrupter and hydrating B5 with Crystal Jade Stone to maximise cell metabolism and instantly reduce facial lines. Helps restore collagen and elastin leaving plumper looking skin.

Age Reversal Intensive Care (Elite RF Therapy)

A luxurious anti-aging treatment. By using RF Technique and Crystal Jade Massage to boost the penetration of the exclusive clinically proven product, skin is detoxed. Recover skin's density by stimulating deep collagen with lasting results.




Deep Care Proionic Facial (Elite)

A unique and patented radio frequency treatment which enables the correct movement of the ions through the cell membrane, helping improve collagen production, skin laxity, and facial contours.

Proionic Body Massage (Elite)

Ionizes cells with micro circulation, and re-establishes improvement in oxygen flow. This treatment unclogs nodules, aids blood circulation and helps eliminate fluid retention and deeply soothe muscle tension.

Proionic Body Drainage Slimming Therapy (Elite)

This treatment works at at specific frequency, leading to tissue regeneration, fats and cellulite reduction, skin tightening and body contouring.


Cell-Toning Facial

With treatment choice of Pigmentation, Acne, or Radiance & Firming.

Permanent Hair Removal

Uses powerful and safe heated light to target coarse and dark hair, leaving smoother and fairer skin.


HIFU Slimming

Utilises High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology to eliminate subcutaneous fat without discomfort or downtime.

Cavitation Slimming

Using low frequency sound waves to destroy intractable fat cells, the non invasive and painless procedure is designed for the reduction of stubborn fat deposits and to obtain a slim body.



Crystal Jade Therapy

An oriental gusha facial that helps to decongest the skin and improve blood circulation. Using consistent strokes with specially designed Crystal Jade stone, the caressing massage diminishes facial tension, lifts and tones the skin, leaving it radiantly revitalised.

Pores Minimiser

Also known as 'Collagen Induction Therapy', this helps to rejuvenate the skin. Instantly reduces the pores size and controls sebum. Stimulates elastin fiber production, resulting in smoother, thicker, brighter and toned skin.

Atelo Collagen Facial

Using a unique type of soluble collagen which delivers nutrients beneath our skin, the treatment minimises pores and helps diminish acne scars.

Diamond Peel Treatment

This non invasive mechanical exfoliation technique helps remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to reveal younger, brighter skin. Experience tightened pores and less visible pimple marks without downtime.

Cell Repair Firming & Hydrating Therapy

By infusing 8 kinds of peptides, skin cells are activated and renewed. Proven effective for wrinkle reduction, an increase in collagen production, fairer, brighter and younger healthy skin.

Fruit Emzyme Facial

This treatment works deep within the skin at cellular level to accelerate the process of skin cell replacement, to bring forth newer, plumper cells and loosen and remove dead skin, diminish scars, age spots, fine lines, discolouration. Safe for all skin types.

Eyes - Window To Your Soul

Selection of eye treatments available.



Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A technique to gently work and stimulate the lymphatic system. An excellent treatment to treat fluid retention and to detoxify the body.

Tension Relief Massage

Customised this massage to fit your active lifestyle. Expect a restful yet thorough massage, dynamic stretching and deep pressure strokes that help repair your fatigued and stiff muscles, and prepare your mind and body for optimal performance.

Fusion Massage

An East-West method that uses oil to rejuvenate the skin, in combination with a tonic-vascular massage and deep-acting gentle strokes for ultimate relaxation.

Body Scrub

An expert exfoliating treatment, where a combination of firm friction and gentle caresses rubs away dead cells, stimulates blood circulation, relaxes and softens the skin.

Bust Therapy

Unclog lymphatic nodes and stimulates breast plasma absorption of fatty acids, in fat cells, leaving a healthier and fuller breast.

Womb Therapy

An external non invasive manipulation using only gentle hands technique to reposition the reproductive organs and improve blood flow for optimum health and well-being.


Skin Tag / Milia Seed Removal

Eyebrow Shaping


Make Up